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This is how the HyLeC's 3D person scanner works:

The scanner can be used to create realistic, animatable, full-body human avatars for use in virtual environments. For this purpose, DSLR cameras (single-lens reflex cameras with digital recording sensors) are evenly distributed in the scanner cabin to capture the person from different angles. Based on the captured photos, the scanner reconstructs a 3D point cloud of the body surface. A human model is then fitted to this point cloud to reconstruct the geometry of the scanned person. The adapted human model is then given textile properties, using photos taken by the scanner, to provide the avatars with color information.

The hardware of the scanner includes a scanner cabin with 60 cameras and integrated lighting, as well as a reconstruction computer for processing the captured data.

The avatars are not only suitable for use in HyLeC's other learning worlds equipped with VR technology, but also for creating their own content and generating 3D prints.