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The main system of the VR Learning World is the HTC Vive Pro Eye. This non-autonomous VR system is connected to a powerful PC and allows full freedom of movement in our up to 10m² user space. The goggles offer a dedicated eye-tracking system, microphone, headphones and two camera lenses. In addition, the goggles offer a wearing option for glasses and can be adapted to different head sizes. The system, consisting of the glasses and the associated controllers, communicates with the installed base stations for position detection via infrared signal.


For the selection and management of the various VR applications, the platforms "Steam", the "Vive Port" and other programs are available.

In the application "The Lab", which we prefer to offer for starters, you can explore different environments, e.g. try virtual archery, look at the solar system "up close" or even defend your spaceship against attackers from space.

Whitebox mini

After use, the VR glasses are cleaned with the help of the Whitebox mini. The Whitebox mini is a UV-C disinfection device that uses light to eliminate bacteria and viruses on objects.

About the workshops:

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