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Hybrid Learning Center

The project at a glance

The Hybrid Leaning Center (HyLeC) is a project funded by the Foundation Innovation in University Teaching, which mobilizes various departments into an interdisciplinary collaboration under the leadership of the Chair of Engineering Didactics. These include the Chair of Computer Graphics, the Department of Physical and Motor Development in Rehabilitation and Education, and the University Library.

The collaboration aims to create innovative and alternative teaching and learning opportunities in which valuable key digital competencies are fostered among all students, while also addressing open challenges of TU Dortmund University's digitization strategy that have become particularly visible in the COVID-19 pandemic.

The project is divided into six different learning worlds that are designed to be accessible, hybrid and digital. The spatial center of the project - affectionately called the headquarters - is the Co-Learning-Space in the container building.

Project duration

August 2021 to july 2024