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Create videos - Easy Start

There are many aspects to consider when creating videos. In this workshop we focus on the camera and how to use it. We will explain how a camera works, using a Sony Alpha 7 III as an example, and show the connections between the settings and the image created. Equally important is the artistic part of creating a video.

In exercises, the focus is placed on the technical function of a camera, but also the artistic realization of a video with a smartphone camera is treated. If needed, the necessary hardware will be provided. Online participants should have a video recording capable device.

This is a hybrid offering; the workshop can be attended both on-site at HyLeC and online. Modern technical equipment and the digital preparation of the content ensure that all participants - whether online or in presence - are brought into a common exchange and complete the workshop as a common group.

No previous knowledge necessary!

Time: 3 hours

6 participants* on site and 4 participants* online per workshop.


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