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Lasercutter - Easy Start

Time: 5 hours

8 participants on site and 8 participants online per workshop!

In the workshop you will learn how to use the laser cutter "Mr. Beam" safely and independently. This is a class 1 laser with a working area of 500mm x 390mm x 38mm and a 5W short wave laser (450nm). With this it is possible to laser or engrave different materials (e.g.: wood, plastic, glass, leather...).

During the workshop you will develop your own logo or text and transfer it to one of the laser cutters in the HyLeC. This way you will receive your own giveaway, lasered or engraved out of wood, and you will be ready to work independently with the Mr. Beam in the future.

For participation, the general safety instruction for the HyLeC room as well as a device-specific instruction with a final test is a mandatory requirement.

This is a hybrid offering; the workshop can be attended both on-site at HyLeC and online. Modern technical equipment and the digital preparation of the content ensure that all participants - whether online or in person - are brought into a common exchange and complete the workshop as a joint group.

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