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Podcast - Easy Start

Through the course, you'll dive into the audio world and get great support in building skills in media use. You will learn how to create and edit podcasts independently with minimal barriers. In the workshop, you can first familiarize yourself with the operation of our audio station and get to know the most important handles. The necessary hardware and software will be provided. You can expect small inputs as well as practice materials for direct testing. We will show you which problems can occur with audio recordings and how to avoid them. We will also discuss the characteristics of successful podcasts. At the end of the course you will have the opportunity to try out the material on your own and work on your own ideas.

This is a hybrid offering; the workshop can be attended both on-site at HyLeC and online. Modern technical equipment and the digital preparation of the content ensure that all participants - whether online or in person - are brought into a common exchange and complete the workshop as a joint group.


No previous knowledge necessary!

Time: 3 hours (after completion of the fixed program there is still free time for independent work with the podcast equipment).

4 participants* on site and 4 participants* online per workshop.

Online participants need a microphone and will work with Audacity software during the workshop. It is recommended to install this software in advance. Participants on site do not need their own equipment .

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