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Scientific Writing - Easy Start

When writing scientific papers, one is confronted with a multitude of questions: How and with what should one even begin? How do you formulate your topic and select content? How do you structure such work? And what can you do against writer's block?

This four-hour interactive learning offer deals with these questions and thrives on the exchange of experiences as well as the testing and reflection of various techniques for finding a topic, posing a question and conceptual development of a scientific paper. The focus is on putting the most important steps of scientific work into a meaningful order and working them out step by step.

Selected methods that can facilitate the work process are tested and reflected upon with regard to their practicability and individual relevance.

This is a hybrid offer; the workshop can be attended both on-site at HyLeC and online. Modern technical equipment and the digital preparation of the content ensure that all participants - whether online or in person - are brought into a common exchange and complete the workshop as a joint group.

Time: 4 hours

10 participants* on site and 10 participants* online per workshop.

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