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Designing 3D objects - Easy Start

Have you already had some experience with 3D printing, but are you reaching your limits when creating models?

In this workshop, you will receive an introduction to the most important principles of creating 3D models for additive manufacturing processes and to the CAD program Autodesk FUSION 360.

This includes an introduction to the most important tools and functions, but also some tricks on how to optimize your models for 3D printing. At the end of the workshop, you will have the opportunity to print out the model you have designed yourself.

The course consists of input phases and phases of supervised self-work. The course requires hardware in the form of a terminal device with a USB port and the Autodesk FUSION 360 software, which is free for students. If you do not have your own terminal device, the necessary hardware and software will be provided for you to use.

This is a hybrid offer; you can take part in the workshop both on site at HyLeC and online. Modern technical equipment and the digital preparation of the content ensure that all participants - whether online or in person - are brought into a common exchange and complete the workshop as a joint group.

This course builds on the previous knowledge of 3D Printing - Easy Start. No prior knowledge of using CAD programs is required.

Time: 2.5 hours (printing time excluded)

8 participants on site and 8 participants online per workshop!

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